Optometrists Dr Jim Kokkinakis, Mr Richard Lindsay and Corneal Specialists Dr Michael Loughnan, Professor Gerard Sutton have just released “A user’s manual for people with Keratoconus”.  From glasses to corneal grafts and everything in between in simple to understand language.

Call The Eye Practice today on (02) 9290 1899 to purchase your copy or alternatively just EMAIL US: info@theeyepractice.com.au

If you do not suffer from Keratoconus or know someone with this eye condition this book will have no relevance.  For those that do know about keratoconus though, they are only too familiar with the problems, the misinformation and the mismanagement that can occur.  This book: “A user’s manual for people with KERATOCONUS” is written in a simple way. It goes through the whole spectrum of the disease with the solutions available at every stage.

It seems the interest in this book is high.  The Eye Practice has emailed everyone on its keratoconus database a few days ago.  This is around 2000 people and the requests for the book over these few days have been overwhelming.

This response is just further proof that keratoconus has more questions than answers.

Once you have read the book we encourage feedback, as the authors are keen to write a second edition.  The first edition was written about what the authors perceived were the issues, but they might be surprised what other questions arise.  We are eagerly awaiting your questions!


  • by Prashant Bhartiya Posted August 23, 2013 7:31 am

    Congratulations Mick on the book. Would like to have a peek at it. Is it possible to preview it online.
    Warm regards
    Prashant (ex corneal fellow at RVEEH from India)

    • by Jim Posted September 8, 2013 11:28 pm

      Hi Prashant
      This is Jim Kokkinakis, one of the authors.

      I can send you a copy of the first few pages and the contents. This manual is really for patients. How would you use it?


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