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Category: Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery - Safe or Not?

Laser Eye Surgery – Safe or Not?

Laser eye surgery is undertaken to permanently change the shape of the cornea and the lens of the eyes. This is necessary to correct vision problems like short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism to eliminate the need of wearing glasses or contact lenses. Generally, it is an out-patient procedure which takes about an hour. As simple as […]

Presbyopia - or Is It Hyperopia?

Presbyopia – or Is It Hyperopia?

If the eyes cannot see small things in detail, whether or not it’s due to Presbyopia or Hyperopia has a lot to do with age. Both are described via their main symptom as being farsightedness. If you could at one time see the numbers in the phone book but now have some difficulty, or you […]

Eye Surgery

Are You Contemplating Laser Eye Surgery?

If you are contemplating laser eye surgery to correct your eyesight, or maybe someone you know is, there are questions that would inevitably spring to mind. The first would be “what are the risks involved?” People might be happy to have a tooth capped at the dentist, or a knee reconstructed to keep on playing […]